The First Bank of Greenwich builds community across Fairfield and Westchester counties with services tailored to empower customers.

Frank J. Gaudio, bank President, In Forbes Magazine

While some Banks invest in technology to replace human interaction, The First Bank of Greenwich invests in community and personalizing the banking experience above all.

When someone visits the Cos Cob branch, they’re greeted on the floor by Tellers, Assistant Managers, the Manager of Retail Operations, and President and CEO Frank Gaudio himself, who, after 13 years leading the Bank, still feels most in his element interacting with customers.
“We want to know the communities we serve,” says Gaudio. “We do this by getting to know the people coming into the Bank and listening to who they are and what they’re going through. If we understand their needs and what they’re excited about, we can develop programs to meet them where they are.”
It’s these personal relationships that separates the Community Bank from national chains. Both offer similar products, but one comes with a culture of service shaped by friends and neighbors. The people working at the Bank’s three branches live where they serve, so when their customers thrive, so do their neighborhoods.
“I want to attract people to the Bank who are passionate about something,” says Gaudio. “We take the time to hire quality individuals who support the culture we’ve created with skill and a customer-centric, solution-oriented approach. If someone has a need, we’ll find an answer.”

A Loyal Friend
It’s not hard to spot someone passionate about their pet. Whether their dog or cat is the lock screen on their phone or in their social media profile picture, their passion isn’t missed by the Bank.
“People with pets are often very compassionate,” says Gaudio. “They love their animals and feel strongly about them. We want to work with people like that.”
In response, the Bank is launching a new high-yield Pet Savings Account. It’s a debit card that can be used by “pet parents” to care for their beloved pets by saving money for vet appointments or other pet expenses.
“We think of ideas like this to get compassionate people to Bank with us, and we want to support their passion,” explains Gaudio.

The Art of Community
As for Gaudio, one key passion is the local music and art scene.
“The first thing I did when I joined the team was put together a monthly art event,” says Gaudio. “We’d convert the Bank at night into a local art exhibit with live music. I’d pay for the food, drinks, invitations, and a piece of art from each artist to hang at the branch.”
Music is a staple of the Bank’s events. Whether the per-formers are kids from Project Music—a local nonprofit the Bank supports—a jazz singer at an outdoor concert series, or a rock band at a gallery opening, the events bring the community together.
“Passion is what I live for,” says Gaudio. “If I see that passion in art or on someone’s face, I want to support it.”

First Bank of Greenwich main branch location in Cos Cob


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